赵忆慈    Yici Zhao

Yici Zhao grew up in Beijing and New York. Graduated from Parsons School of Design, USA Design). Then she went on to study at the Gemological Institute of American Gemstones. Institute of America/GIA and GIA Certified Research Gemologist, Caibao, Diamond Analyst Graduate Gemologist

She loves fashion, art, movies and literature. She devotes herself to the study of the integration of various artistic forms and hopes to bring various elements to the jewelry she designs. At the beginning of the design, considering the style of wearing, the jewelry is shaped as "the extension of the wearer's body", thus showing a natural three-dimensional aesthetic feeling. She not only captures the beauty of life, but also integrates the rhythm and perceptual knowledge of life into her design. While pursuing art, we should pay more attention to the blending of inner feelings and the meaning of works. Every piece of jewelry she designs tells the wearer a story so that they can feel the inspiration and creativity when they wear the jewelry. Her jewelry has a simple beauty, not too elaborate decoration and not deliberately elegant and agile.

Yici Zhao founded Yici Zhao, a high-end jewelry brand, in early 2014. Set up the headquarters in her inspiration source: New York and Beijing. Important works include Dancing and Lotus Pond, while Flamenco, Waltz, Neon Dance and Frou Frou in Dancing were sold at auction for HK$2.36 million, 850,000, 3.06 million and 850,000 in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Jewelry design is the wearer's philosophical and emotional expression.
Every design inspiration comes from a tellable story in music, poetry or visual art.

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